Product: Smart Shelter

Smart Shelter

Product Information

Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd is proud to partner with Urban Digital, which specializes in creating innovative bus shelters that enhance the passenger experience while generating additional revenue streams. Our cutting-edge bus shelters integrate various technologies to provide new services and create a safer, healthier travel environment.

Better Public Transport Services: Offering improved public transport services, our smart bus shelters provide real-time updates to passengers, allowing them to plan their complete journey using various modes of transportation.

Easier Access to Municipal Services: Our bus shelters serve as information hubs, helping residents discover all available municipal services, promoting community engagement, and keeping visitors updated on city news, events, attractions, and more.

Provide a Safer and Healthier Travel Experience: Safety is a top priority in our bus shelters. With features like an SOS button, increased safety measures, and automated security monitoring, we ensure a secure environment for passengers.

Increase Revenues and Support Local Business: Our smart bus shelters offer high-profile advertising space that can be leased to fund new public services, supporting the growth of local businesses in the process.

Personalized Travel Information: Passengers receive personalized travel information, making their journey more convenient and efficient.

Offer Smart Ticketing: Our bus shelters facilitate smart ticketing solutions, simplifying the fare payment process for passengers.

Monitor Air and Noise Pollution: Advanced sensors installed in our bus shelters continuously monitor air and noise pollution levels, contributing to a cleaner and healthier city.

Generate New Revenues: In addition to advertising, our smart bus shelters are equipped with features that generate new revenues, benefitting the city’s finances.

Help Residents Discover Municipal Services: Our bus shelters provide easy access to information about various municipal services, promoting civic engagement and community spirit.

Improved Accessibility: The specially designed bus shelters are user-friendly, making public transportation more accessible for the visually impaired through simple identification of bus stations and public announcements.

We are committed to making public transportation more efficient, enjoyable, and inclusive. By combining technology and thoughtful design, we create bus shelters that contribute to the overall well-being of the community while offering new opportunities for revenue generation. Contact us today to learn how our smart bus shelters can benefit your city and its residents.

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