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Introducing Stainless Steel Door Protection Barriers by Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd 

Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd is proud to offer a comprehensive design and custom manufacturing service for stainless steel door protection barriers. Our door protection barriers are specifically designed to enhance safety and protect individuals, particularly the visually impaired, from potential impact incidents. These barriers are particularly effective in situations where fire doors are suddenly opened outward onto pedestrian areas. To add an extra layer of customization, our barriers can feature customized messaging or iconography on the tap plate. 

Enhancing Safety and Accessibility 

Our stainless steel door protection barriers serve a crucial role in safeguarding individuals in various scenarios. They provide a protective barrier, preventing accidents and injuries that may occur when a fire door is opened suddenly outward. This is especially important for visually impaired individuals who rely on a safe and consistent environment. Additionally, our barriers can be used to hold doors in a secure open position, allowing for proper ventilation while maintaining safety. They also offer protection to glazed curtain walling systems when doors are opened in windy conditions, preventing damage, and ensuring structural integrity. 

Customised Solutions for Unique Needs 

At Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd, we understand the importance of customisation to meet specific requirements. That’s why our stainless steel door protection barriers can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer custom design and manufacturing services, allowing you to add messaging or iconography to the tap plate. This customisation not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of personalization and branding to your door protection barriers. 

Choose Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd for Exceptional Door Protection Barriers. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn how our expertise can assist you in designing and manufacturing stainless steel door protection barriers. Trust Coughlan Engineering (Tullamore) Ltd for exceptional craftsmanship, functional design, and superior safety solutions. 

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