Curragh Racecourse Guardrails

We were delighted to work with John Sisk & Son, a long-standing customer of Coughlan Engineering and to play our own part in the delivery of this extraordinary and iconic addition to Ireland's sporting culture, heritage and infrastructure. All barriers, railings and balustrades were designed according to site measure and, credit to our surveying and design team, every one of them fit perfectly first time. Because every item had to be measured and drawn individually, so close to the handover date, it was a massive accomplishment to complete such a large body of custom metalwork in a time period of 2-3 months towards the end of the project with essentially no snags. This project is testament to what can be achieved in a short period by a focussed, skilled and dedicated team.

Architect : Newenham Mulligan & Associates
Contractor : John Sisk & Son
Completed : 2019
Scope : 820m of various balustrades and crush barriers

    • Curragh Racecourse
    • January 01, 2019