The Hawthorns – Tullamore

Working once again for Glenveagh Homes, we manufactured and installed a substantial amount of our favourite stainless steel and glass post and panel balustrade. We like this because it is actually more affordable than most steel guardrail details and looks so much more “premium”. The unit of duplexes on which our handrails were installed are at the main entrance to the estate so the choice of stainless steel and glass certainly makes a striking first impression of the development. The tile finish on the front steps was a nice finishing detail and we coordinated with the client’s design team to ensure finish heights were all in accordance with building regulations. In this case we were also responsible for the line load calculations, including baseplate design and fixing specifications, so while this is a familiar detail, it was designed from first principles.

Architect : Doran Cray Architects
Client : Glenveagh Homes
Completed : 2022
Scope : 264 linear metres of raking and horizontal stainless steel & glass balustrade

    • The Hawthorns – Tullamore